Before: The Kitchen

As someone who cooks every day and usually several times a day, I’m so excited to get to design my own kitchen!

There are about three different eras of cabinets and weird things going on with the cabinet levels. Again, we have the drop ceilings. We thought about keeping the tile, but then decided that it wasn’t enough to base a design on.

We’re hoping to open up the wall between the kitchen and dining room to let more light into the center. We’re also looking at cutting a bigger window in the back wall. There’s plenty of space, though This is going to be fun and will probably dominate the blog for a while. I hope you like kitchens!










4 comments on “Before: The Kitchen

  1. I think you are smart to just start from scratch. You’re in a fortunate position in that you have nothing you have to be precious about, and you can really base the design on the best possible layout. Unless you find some perfectly preserved home, it’s far better to tear out a drop ceiling with glee than have to dance around a few random remaining 1916 details that aren’t really significant but you keep out of guilt. Are you going to jump right in to the kitchen or settle in a bit first?

    • We’re starting in on the kitchen once we get the demo done downstairs. And the tile isn’t even from 1916, it’s from the ’50s at the earliest. There are really no details to keep. The cool thing is that there are actually two kitchens (upstairs posts are coming) because it was used as a two unit. So, we are going to be able to live upstairs while we’re working on the downstairs and then flip when we’re ready to work on the upstairs.

      • You couldn’t ask for a better DIY setup. We had to “camp out” for a couple months.

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