Before: The Parlor

This room is actually going to kind of disappear. The walls between it and the dining room are going to be torn down because the dimensions of this room are just silly.




The carpet is coming up (fingers crossed for decent wood floors underneath) and the paneling is coming down. The popcorn ceiling is coming off, after sending a sample to a lab to make sure there’s no asbestos. The heavy drapes are coming down. The light fixture is getting switched and the lovely treatment around the door frames is coming off.






2 comments on “Before: The Parlor

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who put more care and effort into truly ghastly details in a house. The good news is they probably put in wall to wall as an “improvement” and you’ll find an intact floor underneath. Nothing that can’t be fixed with a crowbar, a bucket of sheetrock mud, and some well chosen casings- all of which are relatively cheap. If you’re really lucky, there might even be some crown moulding above that ceiling.

    • I know, the quality of work is amazing. Someone worked very hard to execute this vision and did a good job of it. Directly under the carpet is plywood, but I’m hoping that was to keep things even and protect the floors underneath.

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