Before: Upstairs living room/ Master Bedroom

by sarahgtucker

Like I said, the upstairs was used as a rental unit, so this back room was a living room. While we’re working on the downstairs, it will still be used as a living room. Once we’re done downstairs, it will become the master bedroom. The bathroom will be closed off to Gus’ room and it will be integrated into this room, probably taking it all the way to the wall so there isn’t the funny space off to the side. We don’t have plans yet, so I can’t be sure of anything, but that’s where I see it going.

There’s tons of light in here and a pretty great view. However, if faces east, so we’re going to need to get black out shades if we don’t want to be woken up by the sunrise every day (and we don’t, small children are bad enough).