The Befores

So, I thought I would start with posting some before pictures, room by room. The place is in very good condition, especially considering it’s just four years shy of 100. The previous owners took great care of her — they just had horrid taste. But, that works out great for us. We can make it ours, but, as far as we can tell, there are no real structural issues to deal with.

The style of the house is very, um, vernacular. There’s nothing fancy about it and no real detail to save. This was never a rich person’s house, just an old farm house built in what was the edge of the city where you could still get some land. Yep, we’re moving to suburbia, circa 1916. That said, I think the clean and simple lines of the old house will accept some modern touches quite nicely. And the space is something that’s hard to find in the city, at least in our price range. So, it will allow plenty of room for the kids to grow up and let them be kids.


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