Demolition Day 1

Today was the first full day I had for demolition, and I was chomping at the bit to get under all of those surface treatments. Sadly, the promise of oak floors from yesterday did not come to fruition. In the guest bedroom and then dining room had old linoleum from the twenties over Douglas fir floors. The linoleum is interesting from a historical, time capsule kind of perspective, but obviously can’t stay because it’s crumbling. There are threes different patterns, it’s kinda cool





I also pulled down a lot of the paneling. In the guest room, there is plaster and lathe. In the dining room and parlor, it’s a patchwork of wallboard with bits of the old lathe poking through. None of it is in good condition.




I made a fun discovery toward the end of the day when I pulled down some paneling and through a hole in the wall saw a window. I pulled out all of the wall board to see what it was and realized that it was an old glass panes pocket door that had been sealed up in the wall. Unfortunately, the other one is missing, so we don’t have a set, but the rail is still in the door frame up top.



The last surprise, as I took down the paneling in the parlor, I found that there are decent baseboards in this room. It makes sense that if the original builders put trim in any room, it would be in the front room. Also, without the carpet and paneling, it looks a lot bigger and has a nice symmetry. It’s kind of growing on me as a room and I’m thinking maybe we don’t completely open it up after all. We’ll see. There’s also an interesting red painted strip by the door. it’s interesting to think of how this place was decorated when that was done.





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