Strip it down

by sarahgtucker

Another weekend of demolition, though it’s getting less dramatic and more detail oriented. Much of my time yesterday and today was spent prying up gripper boards around the perimeters and staples all along the floor to get the linoleum up. Underneath were floor boards that haven’t seen the light of day since the ’20s. They’re pretty rustic, but I’m hoping they will finish nicely.


I also took down the drop ceiling from the dining room. I was very happy to find out how easy it is to take the frames down. One had to stay up, for the time being, until I find somewhere for the chandelier to go. I need a light source to work, though I don’t know how much work I’ll really be doing at night.


And I found out why they had the drop ceiling in the first place.


I also tore down the wallboard on the wall between the dining room and kitchen. After seeing how it’s framed, we’re pretty confident that it is not load bearing and can come down.


I also started on all the surfaces in the entry and stairs. Under the carpet was old, old padding that was very itchy. The tribbles you see on the stairs are bits of it stapled down. I still need to get those up.



You can see where they took off part of the old trim when they put up the paneling.


Under most of the wallboard is the old plaster and lathe. So I have still more walls to pull down. And more staples to pry and pull. And more tack boards to pull up. But here’s what I’ve stripped off already.