Time capsule

by sarahgtucker

One cool thing we found when I pulled down the wall was a newspaper crumpled up between some boards. It looks a little burnt, but that may just be decay and dirt. It also falls apart when you touch it, so I couldn’t really flatten it our to read it.





A few things I could read, such as Mary Nash in “Thy Name is Woman” at the Curran Theater and the Stockton Industrial Exposition (which I read as explosion the first few times), gave me something to google when I got home. Turns out the play was here in April of 1921 and the exposition was in early May of 1921, so I think we can confidently date this newspaper to April of 1921, so that is when the wall between the kitchen and dining room was built. That is kind of interesting because the house was built in 1916. So, five years later, this wall was built, supporting the idea that the kitchen and back bedroom were a very early expansion of the house. Interesting.