The doldrums of demolition

I haven’t posted in a while, mainly because there hasn’t been much photogenic work done. It’s just been pulling more wall, scraping off popcorn ceilings, discovering that it’s crumbling plaster under the popcorn and scraping that off, too, pulling staples out of the stairs, prying more tackboards up, and lots and lots of sweeping and vacuuming with the shop vac.

Jose came on Wednesday and hauled away what we had so far do I could think clearly and not just see a pile of trash in my house. It’s hard to have vision when it’s all trash.

Today, Monday, Dan and Dave started working to wall the entry/stairs and tear down the walls in the great room and reframe. I’m excited to see the entry put back together and it should be done by the time we move in upstairs on Saturday.

In the mean time, my focus is on packing and moving. Once we’re in, I’ll be able to work more easily in the in between times. Im looking forward yo that. So, I’ll leave you with some picture I took this weekend.


The wall when you walk in was made with large planks. It seems that it used to walk right into the bedroom. Strange.


The wooden walls on the second floor segment of the staircase. They are wide planks.


The many layers of wallpaper.


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