The guys started working on the entry/stairs and tearing down the walls yesterday and it’s amazing how much more work they can get done than when it’s just me in there.

I stopped by mid-day to check in and because Dave had called saying they had something to show me. I walked in and saw this:


The weird wall in the entry was completely opened up and the space felt twice as big. The weird closet inside the closet was now an entry closet and made sense. And the energy that just seemed to pool in the cramped, limiting foyer now flowed the way it was supposed to. It was a revelation. Once it’s done in there I’ll do a whole post just in this wall.

Then they showed me the buried treasure they found in the ceiling.


Dave said he was a little scared when he saw the shoe at first as it looked like a dead critter, but instead it was a shoe, probably from the twenties in remarkably good condition. It had nails and everything in the sole, like it was made by a real cobbler. As for the cigarettes, Tuck actually used to smoke Chesterfields. I’m glad I wasn’t the one who discovered the petrified mouse, though.


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