Moving on up

Sorry for the delay in posting, but we’ve been very busy. We are now completely in, but living upstairs and the vast majority of our stuff is in the basement. I think the movers thought we were a little crazy when we kept telling them to put stuff in the basement all day. A few things we wanted up here couldn’t fit through the staircase — like our box spring and either if the sofas. The sofa’s not that big of a deal, but I’m not thrilled about the mattress in the floor. My friend, Samantha, had a great idea of just getting (or making) a platform bed instead if figuring out how to get the box spring up. Plus, it squeaked terribly, so I’m not missing that.

We’re getting settled in up here and I’m kinda liking the simplification. We get to see which stuff we really need. If we don’t go down to the basement to dig it out for several months to a year, do we really need it?

In other news, the downstairs is totally opened up. I’ll take pics and post them tomorrow. The walls in the entry/stairs will be done this week, and I’m hoping to get down there and help/learn while Gussy naps this week. Pics of that will follow as well, but I promise, it’s looking good.


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