Down to the studs

Sorry for the long delay, between the move, in which I lost the memory card for my camera, and not having Internet for the first two weeks, I haven’t been able to get many pictures up. However, we have gotten a lot done in the demo, mainly that the great room and guest room are down to the studs.

We had a dumpster for a week, from July 2-9 and we filled that baby up all the way. I forgot to take a picture, though. I will next time, because, yes, there will be a next time as we still have a ton of refuse. I’m going to wait until all of it is down this time and then we’ll get the next one so we don’t have the time crunch like last time.

So now, picture of before and after this last round of demo.








In the course of tearing things down, we found two dead squirrels and three dead mice, along with a huge cache of nuts. We’ll have to make sure things are sealed up well so no new rodents get in. Eww.


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