Entryway and stairs

I’m so excited to actually have some pseudo-after picture, already! I wanted to have new walls up in the stairway since we use them to get up to our little apartment every day, so I demoed that first and then got Dave to come in and insulate and put up the new walls. He also showed me some tricks for doing smooth wall, so I can do the walls in the bigger rooms. This space is so weird with so many angles, I’m glad I didn’t have to do this one.

The first set is of the walls being up, but still in the course of mudding. The second is after the primer. They look so good!







Finally, the contrast between the new, smooth, white walls and the grungy old stairs and trim is quite striking. I’m hoping to put a rug on the stairs soon to cover them up. What color should I paint the walls?


And FYI, the edges were left unfinished because we’ll be putting trim up, but we’re waiting to do that all at once so it’s all consistent.


2 comments on “Entryway and stairs

  1. I recently painted Emily’s room a color called “Toasted Pine Nut” by Shirwin Williams. Check it out. Also, Norm & Susan painted their ceilings the same color as their walls. It looks great. They used a beautiful gray in some of the rooms. I’ll find out the exact color and brand.

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