A window, revealed

You might have noticed that the demolition as slowed down a lot. However, last weekend I deceived to tackle the closet in the den and let the light into the room. I have to say, it’s a pretty cool window. And it really let’s in a lot more light not only in the den but also through the doorway to the kitchen.


Of course, the trim has been removed and the wall is not in great condition. The paint on the window is flaking and it’s missing some hardware. I haven’t even tried to open it yet and I admit, I’m a little scared to in case it just falls off and breaks. I do love casement windows.


True to form, it’s not the same size as either of the other windows in the room. It is at the same height, I think, as the other window on the same wall, but the lack of symmetry is frustrating.



I’m working on the dimensions of a new window on that back wall, bringing up the top to be even with the other windows as well as the new window in the kitchen and then making sure they’re proportional to each other so the back exterior makes better sense than it does now.

I’ve also started pricing out windows since we’re going to need to replace the back windows earlier than the others, so I’ll need to decide what windows we’ll go with in the long run. I’m really obsessed with steel windows with the narrow sight lines and dark color, but I fear they will be far beyond our budget. So, I’m talking to a window guy about other options that might achieve that look, but at a lower price, such as some aluminum windows that are better than the ones from the seventies.

Also, I’m debating between casement and sash windows. The one I uncovered is casement, but in the original part of the house I know they were sash because I found counterweights in the walls. So, both would be authentic. I especially love the casement windows that also do a hopper opening to let in fresh air even when you don’t want the whole window open. What do you think?




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