Should I consider the rustic look?

I started tearing down the walls of the kitchen today. Like all parts of this house, it had many layers and is already full of surprises.


The light from the windows makes it hard to see, so here’s a close up of the corner.


Yep, it’s the same boards as in the stairwell. No plaster, no lathe, just wall board over these planks.

To make it more interesting, I think they tried to “insulate” using newspaper.





Part of me would love to just put new wallboard over this and keep going, but then I see that old newspaper catching fire and going up so quickly, it freaks me out. And real insulation would be nice.

Anyway, it’s going to be an interesting room when it’s all demoed. I’m a little scared to see the ceiling, but I think that will happen tomorrow.


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