Kitchen of the future

First order of business, we are really moving forward! Starting tomorrow, the HVAC guys are coming to start putting in ducts for the new heating system! We’ll have a gas furnace in the basement and forced air heating throughout the house. So exciting!

After that’s done, we just need to move some plumbing and then we can start insulating and hanging the new walls. Just last week, that all felt so far away and now I can almost touch it.

I got more demo done on the kitchen and I even got some cabinets down. I’ll do a post on that soon. Spending so much time in the kitchen had me thinking even more about the design direction of the kitchen that I’m going to put in rather than the one I’m taking out. So, I’m debuting my first design post. I really, really hope you chime in. I’d really l Ike some input.

I’m going to start with the cabinets, since that’s that dominates the kitchen. Through Dave, my contractor, I’m working with a cabinet maker in Alameda. I’m thinking a painted grey shaker style cabinet with glass in some of the uppers. The closest I’ve seen to what I picture are these from Viola Park:



I like the lighter grey of the upper cabinets more than the dark lowers (actually, I really like the dark lowers, but it would be too much black, as you’ll see)

On that, I like butcher block counter tops in oak.

For the sink area, I like apron front sinks, but I worry that with shaker cabinets and butcher block, it could be too country and I’m going for more of an organic modern. To try to nudge it more modern, I really like this faucet:



I think that the clean modern shape and the matte black will keep it clean, and that the matte black will hide water drops and such better than chrome.

I need a new range and, being such a stove top cooker, I really like a 36″ range. This one from Smeg looks great and is very reasonably priced. My only worry is that thee aren’t many of them and I can’t find many reviews. Still, it’s probably better than any stove I’ve cooked on before. I love the dark matte grey, much better than stainless steel and kind of references the old wood stoves in it’s color but with a very modern shape.



I’m thinking a pretty basic matte white subway tile backsplash with grey grout to tie in with the cabinets.



I particularly love the visual texture of Heath tiles and have wanted to go across the bay and dig through their overstock store for years.

The big question mark is the floor. There isn’t a decent wood floor under the vinyl, so I can’t use that. Cork has been suggested a couple times, but I just don’t love it and I don’t think it would look right next to the refinished Douglass fir of the great room. I’ve also toyed around with the idea of real linoleum (yes, like the stuff I just ripped up, but newer). At least it would be authentic. But that’s not really resonating with me either

One crazy idea I had was Granada Tiles. Now, in general, I like very clean lines and simple things, not too many patterns. However, there’s something about these tiles that are working for me. I like the depth of color and the texture and maybe I need some pattern somewhere to break up the expanses. They also seem like they would wear well, being concrete. It’s interesting that with all the pattern all together, it becomes less jarring and mutes itself into a rug. Tuck also really likes them, and though he tends to agree with most of my design decisions, he was very enthusiastic about them. He doesn’t like his spaces as stark as I do. Here are some examples.





I think I like this one the best, but I’m not entirely sure.


Does it work with my other decisions or have I lost my mind?

Finally, lights. I’m going to have a bigger one over the island (to be built later, a table will stand in in the mean time) and smaller one over the sink. There will also be under cabinet lighting for working. Something along these lines:



There are many shades to choose from.

Oh, and the walls will probably be a nice crisp white and the windows painted dark iron grey throughout the downstairs.

Anyway, what do you think? Too trendy? Too country? Too boring? I’m trying to honor the era of the house but in no way trying to restore anything. I welcome your input. Thanks!


6 comments on “Kitchen of the future

  1. i love the tile idea. and the grey grout! my pal jen has white subway tile with black grout and it’s very smart looking.

  2. I think you’re right on track. As an option to oak butcher block, I recently saw bamboo butcher block counter tops that were to die for. If we can swing it, I’d LOVE to make a trip with you to the Heath factory when I’m there. I also like the tile floors. Especially the gray and white example above. I’m now dealing with a leak coming from somewhere under my sink/dishwasher area that is buckling my wood floors. I’ll definitely be going with tile when I get it fixed.

  3. Love the floor idea and the grey/white/yellow combo. Not too in your face but classic. It reminds me of the old kitchens in big houses (Ireland/UK Downton abbey) where they had some intricate designs but looked amazing.. Also subway tiles my faves.

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