Chicken wire!?

by sarahgtucker

Yep, chicken wire. We finally moved on to demo two walls of the last room, the den. We’ll be moving a window on one wall and we wanted to get real insulation into all the exteriors. I thought it would be relatively straight forward and similar to all the other rooms. Boy, was I wrong. In this room, they made the walls by putting plaster over chicken wire that was then over early era wall board that was over more of those wide planks we saw in the kitchen. And then there was more newspaper in the walls, in case we needed more debris. I cannot understate how much I HATE this chicken wire. And it even wraps the corners! So I can’t get a clean line along the ceiling and the walls I don’t want to take down. And this part is still not done. I keep putting it off because I so really do not want to do it. But I think I have to get back to it tomorrow. Ugh.