Kitchen demo

My hand was kind of forced in really getting into the demolition of the kitchen. The hvac guys need to run duct work in the ceiling, so in one night I had to open up part of the wall and ceiling after the kids went to bed so the guys could work the next day.

I had been gradually dismantling the kitchen: unhooking the sink, taking off all of the cabinet doors and drawers . . . And as in all parts of this house, everything took a couple steps longer than it should be. The cabinets were actually older small metal cabinets that then had a face frame screwed to the fronts and then laminate was glued to that. So, to get the small, light cabinets off of the wall, I had to chip the laminate off at the screw and then unscrew it so I could take the face frame off. Once I did that, each cabinet was easy to get off the wall, but all the steps before that took a long time. Also, the sink was way heavy and took both Tuck and me to lift it.

The walls themselves, of course, was tile over wall board over the boards. There were a few interesting things in the wall. The outer walls were totally insulated with newspaper. In the inner wall I found a door frame, some charred boards, and a few holes that I think may have accommodated a chimney for a wood burning stove

Finally, the floor itself was a giant pain. There were three layers of sheet vinyl on top of two layers of linoleum tile. It took about five hours straight just to get that up. The floor underneath is pretty trashed and some of the old underlayment won’t come up, but it’s all one level now so we can nail down some new plywood sub flooring to get a nice even base for the tile.

So, without further ado, the photo dump:

First layer down (and Dickie working on the wiring)


A steel corner brace


After the cabinets were taken out


Behind the stove



All the doors off


The hood ducts


Drawer alignment wasn’t the best


The door that was


The ceiling coming down late at night


The squirrels nest in the corner (I haven’t fund any more corpses, yet)


Super close up of the floor


The big cabinet just fell down


Late night demo of the wall where the duct went


Different ages of wall material. The newer wood was obviously used for something else since some of it is painted and some is charred. It’s decent tongue and groove, though.


The middle layer of floor — the first of the sheet materials, but it was much thicker than the two later ones.


More different wall materials


The end result



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