The news of 1921

I found a ton of newspapers in the walls of the kitchen and den, and they weren’t in there haphazardly. They were first nailed in with a bit of lathe along the outer wall, then they were crumpled up to fill the space. I’m assuming the crumpling took solace as they nailed on the planks that made the wall.

I took some photos of some that were in better condition. I thought I would share some. Most you can read pretty well. I also saved a few for our archive. My mother in law thinks we should frame one for the wall in the kitchen. It could be done well.









2 comments on “The news of 1921

  1. The coolest thing for me was box scores from 1921 with Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb in them. The other funny thing, for those who know box scores, is that they record fielders outs and assists but not RBIs.

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