Moving right along

The last few weeks, things have been moving along at a nice pace. Highlights include:

– getting the plumbing moved and the furnace plumbed

– getting the wiring moved around in the kitchen

– finishing up that chicken wire plaster, including buying a Fein Multimaster to cut a nice edge along the ceiling and corners

– ordering and arrival of the range (that’s a post in and of itself)

– ordering of the windows for the back

– purchasing the dishwasher and hood (and thankfully, I talked to the hvac guy first and found out about cfm and it’s relation to btu; I was going to order a too weak hood before)

– putting down the first payment on the cabinets so Tom can get started

– getting up the linoleum in the entry with the Multimaster

– buying sample paint pots and painting boards to find the right grey and white for the kitchen

– getting the guest room and den completely clean and ready to be worked on

– interviewing a possible nanny for the construction phase so I can work on the house.

So, now I think we’re ready to start building back up in October. Daniel’s supposed to be able to start framing for the new windows at the end if this week and Dave a little after that. it’s so exciting to think that things are actually coming together!


The wear on the blade after just 4-5 ft of plaster in chicken wire



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