Puttin’ it back together

It’s time for an update. Last week was the the first week of working all week on the house with my fabulous contractor (or “worker” as Addy calls him) Daniel Awand of D&D Builders. We spent most of the week getting the ceiling of the kitchen straightened out. One of the joists was very bowed and the wood was failing a bit at one end. Besides that, none of the joists were level with each other. To fix that, we found the lowest point and then attached metal sister joists to each one, making sure all of the new joists were level with each other. We also reinforced the sagging joist and it now feels much more secure.

Wednesday morning I put up the insulation while Daniel picked up the windows and that afternoon and Thursday we put the drywall up on the ceiling. The joists were more or less 24″ on center, so we had to go with 5/8″ board to avoid sagging. Luckily, the rest of the ceilings are 18″ oc, so we’ll be able to use 1/2″ on all the other ceilings because the 5/8″ was a pain to get up it was so heavy.

Thursday afternoon and Friday morning we started framing the new window in the den. Unfortunately, Daniel came down with the flu, so we had to call the day short, but we started right back up Monday morning.

Here are a few pics. I need to find the charger for my slr, so I’ll get better pics soon.





And off topic: Go Giants!


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