Construction, week 2

How’s that for an imaginative title? So it’s actually Tuesday of week three and I’m in bed with a migraine and I’m so thankful I have Tyana to take the kids and Dan and Dave are working downstairs do the work doesn’t stop just because I’m in pain.

We go a lot done last week, so I’ll give a little rundown.

Monday: installed the den window. After the false start the Friday before, it went pretty quickly Monday. Daniel did most of the work and I would cut the pieces to size. I did a couple supports so u could get comfortable with the nail gun.

Tuesday: Daniel framed the kitchen window while I insulated the den. By the end I’d the day, the second window was in.

Wednesday: half day because I got a call from Tom of Living Woods that the cabinets were built and I needed to go to San Leandro to see them and also Dan’s compressor broke and he had to take it back and get a new one. But that afternoon, we started rocking the den.

Thursday: finished rocking the den and cleaned up in there. Designed an exterior trim to deal with a 1″ depth difference between the siding and the window.

Friday: I spent a lot of time with the saws-all getting a filled in foot frame even with all the other studs on the kitchen. Then I started insulating in there. Daniel worked on the exterior if the windows, making the trim.

And now we’re walking the kitchen. I can’t believe how fast it’s all going.

Here are some pics of the progress.


Getting the frame up


Window’s in




Another hole in the wall



It’s in!


The cabinets


Figuring out trim


The den with walls


Insulated kitchen


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