Weeks three and four

It’s really staring to look like a house again. It’s so exciting! So, let’s do a run down.

Last week, Dave, the other D of D&D Builders, starting working with us. This was great since it allowed us to get the walls up in the kitchen and start the taping while Daniel was totally occupied by getting the replacement shingles and the trim up around the exterior of the windows. The shingles were very fiddley to work with and it ate up way more time than he hoped. The end result is good, though, and the trim we devised looks great.

Finally, toward the end if the week, he was able to come inside and work on getting some blocking in on the ceiling of the great room. It’s amazing how it has already helped with the stability of the second floor. Also by the end of the week we had both the den and kitchen walled, taped, and mudded. Also, my cabinet hardware arrived and was picked up by Tom, the cabinet maker.

This week, we were very good about making a list of goals for the week and writing out an am/pm plan for each day, and, for the most part, we really stuck to it. We got the second coat, the float, and the walls skimmed and primed by the end of the week. Dan and Dave got the new subfloor squared and installed, evening out the floor while they were at it. It’s not perfect, but there’s only so much you can do with cement board and thin set. We also got the ceiling insulated and most of the sheet rock up. One part was left open because next week we need to jack up part of the wall over the sliding glass door to replace the header with a double or triple header since they apparently didn’t put on in when they cut the door. Right now, all the load is going onto a single header and it’s pretty bowed.

Next week is going to be exciting. The kitchen gets installed! And Tuck’s patents are coming to visit and will be staying in the den, do its going to be fixed up by then.

And now, the pictures:


Kitchen, taped


Great room, insulated


One stripe up


Dan, taking care of a low spot


Dave and Daniel getting the Sheetrock up


The whole ceiling, and Daniel measuring the last bit.


Addy and Gus in the kitchen


The den

I’ll add some more pics of the exterior and the bowed door. I thought I had them on my phone.


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