Happy Thanksgiving!

by sarahgtucker

It’s thanksgiving weekend and I had hoped to get lots of posts up already, but we’ve been taking care of sick kids instead. I’ve been so wrapped up with the house that the holiday totally snuck up on me and it was Tuesday before I realized that we were Thanksgiving orphans. Luckily, great friends (hi Bethany!) invited us over and we had a wonderful low key dinner at their house where the kids played and the grown ups talked and drank and ate. It was perfect.

I also found out that people actually read this thing, so I need to get some updates posted. Like, tonight!

Also, I finally got a working charger for my dslr, so some really good pictures will be coming up soon. Enough with these phone photos!

So, as we go into our last week of construction with the big push, I’ll post several of the big changes.