The Last Week (for a while)

but don’t worry, it’s not the last post. Last week was the last of having full-time childcare and having Daniel and Dave come work every day. I’m really going to miss it. This last week was a mad rush and there are still bits to tie up, but that last 5% of any project is always the hardest.

We didn’t get off to the best start. Dave emailed Sunday night to say that he messed up his back working over the weekend and wouldn’t be able to come in on Monday and wasn’t sure about Tuesday. We really needed him to bring the biscuit joiner and 9 ft clamps for the countertops and it would have been nice to have an extra set of hands throughout the week, but he was down for the count, so we had to make do.
We got the walls up in the guest room and started on the taping and mudding. I took ownership of that room to see if I learned anything about walls in all the other rooms. By the way, I’m still working on them, but that’s another story. Daniel went to work getting the skim coat on the great room and working out the bumps and irregularities. That pretty much took two days since it’s such a big room. He also got the radius curve for the countertop cut, but we needed to get a belt sander to finish it. Oh, and we got the outlets wired in the kitchen, but I still need to do the great room and guest.
Finally, Dave let us know Wednesday that he would be able to bring the clamps and biscuit joiner in and do the countertop. He also brought a yummy lunch. But then, trying to move the heavy oak countertop around, he tweaked his back again and had to go home. Luckily, I’ve used a biscuit joiner before in making my book case, so I could do that. We got them cut Wednesday afternoon, but then I had to run out early to take Addy to the doctor for her checkup, so we cut the day short and glued it up the next day.
Since we had been short handed earlier in the week, we really needed some help if we had any hope of being anywhere near a closing point by Friday. So, Daniel roped Ryan (remember him from the last post?) in to working with us the last two days. He took over finishing the walls in the great room, which consisted of a ton of sanding and wiping the whole thing down to get the dust off and then priming and painting. And yes, that took two days. It’s a big room. That freed up Daniel to mount the hood in the kitchen, hook the stove up to gas, plumb the sink, get the dishwasher hooked up, and I’m sure there was more. Thursday morning, we also glued up the countertops, which was a trial in itself. We almost lost them when we moved them from the floor back to the cabinets and had to do a little regluing, but it all worked out in the end. Especially after Daniel sanded out the bow.
Even with the extra help from Ryan, we were painting when I picked the kids up from the sitter at 5:00 and were still cleaning up when Tuck got home around 6:30. Gus was so interested in the plumbing that he climbed into Daniel’s lap to see what he was doing. Addy also had fun playing around while we cleaned.
Even with all that, Daniel still had to come back for a few hours the next week to tie up loose ends. Dickie came over Tuesday to connect the stove to the outlet and the HVAC guys came Wednesday to vent the hood. So, the kitchen is actually functional! And that’s my next post. But right now, I’ll show some pictures of the great room and what we did that week.

The walls got taped (one might say, “expressively”) in the guest bedroom



The great room getting more coats.




Daniel figuring out the radius curve






After it was primed and painted, I mopped the floor



and hung curtains.




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