by sarahgtucker

I should let you know that we are living downstairs now. It’s not all finished, there is still much to do, but it’s livable and we couldn’t stay cramped upstairs anymore. We moved everything in on Christmas Eve and it made for a great present to ourselves and allowed us to open presents in the new space.

The week before, the floors were refinished. They look pretty good. For the most part, they’re fir, so they’re not going to be perfect and even, not to mention they’ve had various materials laying in top if them for 100 years. Chan did a great job of patching the hikes and putting in a strip where the planks meet the threshold to the kitchen. The oak in the den looks fabulous as well. I was a little sad that we lost the painted red stripe by the front door, but you can’t keep everything.

Before (after putting in the new walls and mopping)




I’ll add detail photos tonight, these are just from my phone.