New Year, New To-Do list

I know I didn’t blog at all really last year. After the first six months where there was so much activity and change so fast, the work that happened in 2013 felt really slow. After Daniel and I did the floor in January, I was on my own on everything and for most of the year I only had one day to myself per week. In September, Gus started going to preschool three days and week and Addy goes five days, so that freed up more time. However, this summer, I also started the certificate program in interior design at UC Berkeley Extension. I took one class over the summer and two this fall and ill be taking another two this spring, so the homework gets a little in the way of work.

Nonetheless, I did get quite a bit done considering the constraints and I will be putting up posts over the next few days. For a little preview, you will be seeing:

  • The master bedroom
  • The entryway and stairs
  • The den / guest room
  • The built in bookshelves, stage one
  • The playroom (formerly referred to as the guest bedroom)

That’s what got done last year, more or less.

And now for the grand to do list for 2014


  • moulding — 2 framed openings, 1 sliding door, 1 pocket door, 3 swing doors, 10 windows, and ? Sq ft baseboards. I just want very simple 6″ baseboards and similarly simple window and door frames true to the farmhouse like character and to keep the lines clean
  • dining lighting, Orbit 8 from Schoolhouse Electric
  • den lighting to replace the awful plastic fixture, Nelson’s Saucer pendant
  • paint bathroom cabinets, I’m thinking a bright navy blue (I ended up just painting them Benjamine Moore’s Wrought Iron, since I had it around)
  • move crappy laminate cabinet in the side porch to the basement, and bring up solid, old cabinet up from the basement, clean, and paint.
  • strip and paint doors 
  • send out cabinet door s to have glass put in them, finally.
  • finish painting the cabinet boxes


  • paint both kids’ rooms. The wall job is really bad in both rooms, like you can see every tape line, I don’t think they did any real mudding, and its cracking along a lot of the joints. So, though I prefer smooth walls, I think I’m going to get textured paint with the finest texture possible to paint their rooms and hopefully cover up the flaws. It’s better than taking it down and redoing it and they need to be painted anyway. Right now it’s a dingy rental white.  Spring 2015, Addy’s room is painted Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Sixteen 
  • buy duvet cover for Addy
  • I’d love to change out the lighting fixture in Addy’s room as well, but I haven’t found the right one yet. Her ceiling is lower than the others in the house, so a pendant won’t really do, but I’ll keep looking
  • bath lighting; we found out that the overhead fixture totally just doesn’t work, so I have to find a plug in wall sconce. Luckily,
  • Schoolhouse Electric came out with Isaac Sconce this year and it’s perfect.
  • shade to cover the bare bulb in our bedroom. The fixture is a weird size, and I never actually use the light, but I’d like to cover the bulb anyways.  ed. change of plans: I think I’m just going to get a basic paper lantern to go over the bulb and then also have a hanging paper lantern in the dressing room area.  Simple, inexpensive, and looks good.  Perfect!
  • buy pipes and build a clothes rack. I have a design all drawn out. I’ll keep you posted. If that goes well, I’d like to start on the kitchen island.

Okay, so lets get started!


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