The Dressing Room


I am so happy with this project and it is really making my life so much nicer! Remember back in the bedroom post, I showed you the little area with carpet and the two dressers?  Well, I finally made a clothes rack to turn the space into a kinda walk in closet.  It was a pretty big DIY project, and there were a few hang ups, but it came out great in the end.

I decided to make the rack out of black pipe since it’s structurally strong, comes in standard lengths, and screws together with standard fittings.  I also like the industrial look and have seen a lot of great projects on the blogs using it.  I came up with a little more complex design than I had seen, and that caused some problems.  I’ll show some pictures and walk you through where things went wrong.

Being spray painted
Being spray painted

I wanted two different hanging areas, one full length for dresses and long skirts, and a larger double level one for shirt, pants, and skirts.  I divided it into 1/3 full length, 2/3 double.  The space is 6 feet deep, so the rack is 6″ long.

The lower level was easy to put together.  The feet went on super easily, everything was building up great until I got to the middle span.  The trouble was that to screw it into the fitting on one side unscrewed it on the other side.  I struggled and struggled with it.  I finally figured out that it was easier to take out the vertical on one side below it, screw in the cross bar, then fit the vertical back in.  It had the same problem with the direction of threading, but at least it didn’t keep falling.

Next, I had a problem with the double level side not lining up with the full height side because there was an extra fitting in the double side and the pipes don’t screw in all the way, so there’s always some threading showing and that adds height.  So, I had to go back to the store to buy two shorter pipes that added up to the height I wanted plus one fitting to add equivalent height.  It still ended up being a little shorter because the fitting was smaller than the T-fittings, but it was workable.

The nice thing with the threading is that I could adjust the height to make things more or less level by just screwing things a little tighter or looser.

One other little thing that, thankfully, the super helpful guy at Discount Builder’s Supply mentioned, was that black pipe has a residue on it.  It’s black and oily and gets on everything.  But, you can clean it off with mineral spirits and then seal it with a clear sealant or spray paint the whole thing at the end.  I originally planned to just seal it, but because of some delays, it ended up hanging out on the porch half finished through all the rains we got and it started rusting in some spots.  So, when I went back to get the shorter pipes, I also got some matte black spray paint and I really think it takes it up a notch and covers many sins.





IMG_2294After I got it all set up and the clothes on it, Tuck come in and exclaims “You organized my shirts by color!”  Like he hasn’t lived with me for ten years.  Later that night he was a little frustrated because he had really think about his shirt he was hanging up to figure out where it belonged.  But it looks so much better when everything is one display.

I still need to run to Ikea to get more matching wooden hangers so they’re all uniform and we also need a new hamper.  Finally, I’m going to put a shelf on the floor flanges at the top for keeping shoe boxes or folded sweaters and stuff.  But if I waited for everything to be 100% I’d never show you anything!




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