I really have been working . . .

by sarahgtucker

Between going back to school for Interior Design (yay!) and Addy starting kindergarten this year and all the activities of two kids, life has been pretty busy, but we still got a lot of projects done, little by little.  I think of this stage as being the detailing.  It’s, like, 10% of the work, but takes 90% more time.  So, I’ve just been chipping away.  The one thing I haven’t been chipping away at is this blog.  Sorry.  That’s going to change.  Get ready for the blog binge!IMG_0727


*an example of the totally undramatic, but useful improvements I’ve done: replacing the knob on the crappy back door.  It now locks from the outside (bonus!) and sticks less.  It’s the little things . . . now I just need to paint that door.